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Specific Needs List:

[ Last updated: November 28, 2022 ]
  • a Laptop or desktop computer and computer monitor
  • a twin box spring, mattress
  • A microwave, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, dining room table, chairs, curtains, 2 bedside lamps, a bedding set of bedsheets, pillow cases, pillows, & comforters, a Foot Stool, a big living room lamp, Bicycle; Kitchen Dishes
  • Wheel scooters for handicapped
  • Bicycle; Microwave ; Laptop or desktop or computer monitor ; Oven ; Digital TV (with HDMI interface), washing machine, clothes dryer; Desktop computer, printer, iPad ; Water heater along with other baby accessories like a swing, exersaucer, stroller, etc
  • Kitchen dishes
  • TV and stand
  • Sofabed, a king size bed, and a small bedside cabinet
  • Sewing machine

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